My Merry Christmas Photo Diary

It has finally all quietened down from my hectic Christmas.  My mother has flu so I met my siblings (my mums side) in a pub in Leatherhead on Christmas Eve while drooling over my Canon 6D that I had just picked up before. We spent Christmas morning at home, just myself Luke and Eva opening presents before we made our way over to Horsham.

It was my  sisters 18th birthday also so we went out for a birthday/Christmas meal (my dads side of the family).  We stayed in a hotel in Horsham before rushing back home in the morning to get the house ready for Lukes family and friends on Boxing day which turned into a two day affair….shattered.

mother and daughter at christmastweed trousers from Tara Starlet*, Black blouse from Hedonia*

christmas treesfather and daughter at christmasbocketts farm father christmas

bocketts farm christmas

Above is a couple of photos prior to Christmas. We took Eva along to Bocketts farm to met Father Christmas.  It was very well done.  They took groups of around 15 children on the elf tractor while the parents walked along side to the hay stack grotto.  All the children took their seat around Santa and waited their turn to tell him what they wanted for Christmas.  Eva was obviously too impatient and shouted across that she wanted a “dancing Mickey and a Bunny in a box”.

The same day we picked up our 6 foot Christmas tree!  Which made a huge difference from previous years and our little Bruce the Spruce! I feel sorry for all the Christmas trees that are chopped down each winter so I decided to get a potted one that we could bring in each Christmas.  He is still alive an kicking in the garden, but it looks a bit sorry for itself.  I think we are going to give him a chance at life, plant him and leave him be.

winter wonderland london 2012 hyde park winter wonderland 2012 christmas face

I also met up with my sister-in-law and Evas little cousin Emily for an evening at Winter Wonderland. Oh my good gosh it was like hell on earth! granted we went on a Saturday, but it was a horror show! I looked like a horror show by the end of it! Mud all down my jeans that I think was actually mixed with oil because I can’t get the stains out.  It was just so packed you couldn’t move. Stressful to say the least. Eva and Emily had a good time though…I think.

christmas 2012 3 christmas 2012 2 christmas 2012 4 christmas 2012 5 christmas 2012 6 christmas 2012 7 christmas 2012 christmas bubbles

Eva received her most coveted dancing Mickey and her bunny in the box, which turns out she is petrified of.  We were quite modest with gifts for her this year as we went berserk with her 3rd birthday gifts in October.  Practically a whole year makes you go a bit over the top so a month an half later there was not much else we could think of.  A lesson learned for next year.

christmas 2012 9 18th birthday balloon christmas 2012 8 christmas 2012 10 christmas 2012 11 great grandmother and great grandaughter auntie and neice

As I previously said it was my sisters 18th Birthday so me, Luke and Eva went along for a meal with my Dad, step-mother. Nan and Grandad and of course the birthday girl. My brother is still travelling around Asia and was very much missed…

My step-mother got groped as we walked through Horsham town center. Now call me suspicious but a man was walking with a stick and called over to me, my sister and step-mother as we walked past.  My Dad and Luke had already walked past him.  He put his arms out for a hug and my stepmother with her good nature went over to give him a hug.  I then watched as his hands grabbed her bossoms when she pulled away.  He was a youngish guy and I just had a feeling he wasn’t very blind at all.  It was funny, but not very funny at the same time.

After the meal we went back to my dads house and drank the rest of the evening away and opened more gifts.  Luke wanted to drink so we stayed in a hotel in Horsham.

cousins christmas

Eva then spent boxing day and yesterday with her beloved cousin Emily.  Emily was a little sick so I am not sure she was in the mood for Eva’s persistent loving.

I really hope you had a fantastic Christmas, was merry (in two senses of the word) and spent it with people you loved and fattened yourselves up nicely!

I actually can’t wait for January I have some wicked features to tell you about and have some mother/daughter sponsored outfit posts to do! Just hoping it stops bloody raining! I don’t mind the cold, in fact I love the cold as it means there is no rain!

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  1. 29 December, 2012 at 9:37 am

    I really enjoyed reading this, and your pictures are so beautiful! Say happy birthday to your sister for me, as a fellow christmas baby I just celebrated my 20th birthday 😉 Looks like you had such a wonderful family time (although I love the description of winter wonderland’s contrast with the beautiful photos that follow it, haha.

    • memoirmode
      30 December, 2012 at 11:52 pm

      Aw thanks so much, you never know if people actually read or just look at the photos 🙂 I have got lazy with writing, but I thought I would bring out the descriptive on this one ;). Happy 20th to you! xx

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