What is your beauty secrets? Laughing Yoga & Afternoon Tea with No 7

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So a couple of weeks ago I did something quite different. Boots No 7 invited seven international bloggers to London. They were to partake in various unusual beauty related activities. Lovely Gem from Jam PR sent me an email and asked if I would like to come and join them for the final activity – Laughing therapy and Yoga. I am always up for trying something new so the answer was of course, yes!

Check out the details and photos below – also some weird and wonderful local beauty secrets at the end of the post. browns hotel telephone room

Me and Mikhila (love her name) from msbudgetbeauty.co.uk arrived at Browns hotel first. Mikhila was the other UK blogger invited to join in and had travelled down from Sheffield. The international bloggers were finishing off a bit of shopping after a busy few days.

It gave us a bit of time to check out the room we were put in for the event. What I found really interesting is Alexander Graham Bell had used this room to make the first ever successful phone call in Britain. Unfortunately I am not holding the original phone. We struggled to figure out how you was actually meant to use it. I am guessing you put the piece against your ear and talk into the box?

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The other bloggers arrived and our Yoga/Therapy teacher sat us all in a circle in the conference room next door. Never have I met a more blissfully happy person and I am very very suspicious of happy/smiley people. By the end of it I was almost as happy as her!

It was a bad start for me as I hate doing the whole ‘tell us your name and where you come from’ around the circle type of things. Not only that we had to do a big jolly fake laugh at the end of it. The teacher told us our bodies can’t tell between a real and a fake laugh. The act releases endorphin’s that keeps our mind healthy and in turn keeps our bodies healthy. A healthy mind is a healthy body.

A person who has a lifetime of stress or lets stress get to them, generally has more health issues than someone who is stress free. Of course we cannot avoid stress completely in our lives, but we can train our brain do deal with it more efficiently.

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What I found amazing is the Lady running the session told us she was approaching 70! I thought she was mid-50s. Her beauty secret in her words was ” laughing for 20 years”. I tried to find a neutral photo of her to really show you, but she was very expressive so impossible.

energy stretching

The session then followed with games, gentle energy stretches (which I loved) and walking around the room feeling like a nob again smiling at people. Part of the exercise was too walk up to everyone individually, shake their hand and say “hello you gorgeous goddess you”. We were then asked if we preferred giving the compliment or receiving the compliment.

The act of receiving compliments also releases happy hormones in the brain. We should all give as many compliments to each other as possible to make the world a happier place. Personally I love giving and receiving compliments just as much as each other.

Also another good tip was to do big belly laughing on a daily basis and breathing exercises. We generally take shallow chest breaths in leaving stale air in the bottom of our lungs. If you take a deep breaths in through your nose so your belly expands and breathe out through your mouth – you let more fresh air and oxygen into your body.

laughing yoga stretches laughing yoga exercises laughing yoga uklaughing yoga therapy

There was lots more laughing – fake and real. There was clapping hands around the room saying “ho ho ha ha ha”. There was also dancing and singing rhymes. Just when my cheeks (face) couldn’t take anymore we were handed towels and told to lay down.

We had to laugh continuously for 10 minutes. The sounds of snorting and people generally cracking up got me going for real. Then of course when you are told not to laugh anymore the inevitable happens.

what is laughing yogaabout laughing yogabrowns afternoon tea

When the session finished we were treated to afternoon tea and champagne. Browns really do put on a lovely spread.

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So what was all this in aid of… Boots No 7 have just launched internationally their Perfect & Protect, Lift & Luminate, restore and renew Day & Night Serum – available as singles or bundles (a perfect Christmas gift). Hence the 7 bloggers from all over the globe (Norway, Sweden, Hong Kong, US, Dubai, Thailand and Netherlands).

It has been around in the UK for a few years already and is a product I already use and love…think I have been buying the serum for 2/3 years now. You can buy your serum based on your age group.

The bloggers were asked to share their beauty secrets and ask their readers. The answers included:

  • A bottle of Heineken beer for shiny hair
  • Mayo as conditioner
  • Crushed oats as a dry shampoo
  • Avocados for moisturising  hair and skin (mybeautybunny.com gives some great diy options).
  • Rinse your hair with cold water and squeezed fresh lemon
  • Florida Water: It is common in Hong Kong and Shanghai. It has a beautiful natural fragrance and used as relief of itchiness and insect bites

Some stranger ones included using dish washer detergent in your bubble bath to make your skin super soft (possibly wouldn’t suggest trying that). Eat sesame for black and thick hair and eat Turtle Jelly for getting rid of pimples. Maybe wouldn’t suggest that either (leave those turtles alone!).

Have you tried any of the home remedies above? Or do you have any beauty secrets you swear by?

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  1. 24 September, 2013 at 8:18 pm

    I very often rinse my hair with cold water but would never use dish wash detergent in a bath! No way.
    I would love to do a yoga and laughing session, sounds very interesting and I am into all stuff related to energy and harmony 🙂

  2. 25 September, 2013 at 10:01 pm

    This looks like it was such a fun day, though I have to admit I too would have felt pretty daft doing the fake laughing .etc! I can’t believe that woman is near 70 though, so I guess it must work! Love the bit of trivia about Alexander Graham Bell too, I would have been in my nerd element there! Glad you got a photo with the phone! Hah! 😀
    I always rinse my hair/face with cold water after having a shower, and olive oil is good too!
    Glad everythings back up by the way – tried to get on here yesterday to read this & it was giving me an error!

  3. 25 September, 2013 at 11:08 pm

    I’ve always thought that laughing yoga sounds like so much fun, but I just haven’t found anywhere where I live to try it out! Looks like you had a great day 🙂

  4. 26 September, 2013 at 10:17 am

    This looks so awesome! In today’s world it seems impossible not to stress…so it really is important to laugh and just enjoy life!

  5. 27 September, 2013 at 3:11 pm

    Great photos and yummy afternoon tea!

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