Meeting Poppy Cat at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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I haven’t been to Blackpool since I was a little girl so I was excited when Eva received an invite to check out the new Poppycat show in the Nickelodeon Land at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Throughout June 2014 Poppy will be appearing in her own shows, where little fans can join in on activities with lots of fun and big cuddles from the kitty herself.

We made the 6 hour journey (we stopped a few times) from Surrey to Blackpool the night before. We were kindly offered a stay in the Big Blue hotel, which is pretty much on the Pleasure Beaches doorstop. I can remember staying in tacky rundown seaside hotels in blackpool when I was a girl, so it was a welcomed surprise when we turned up at this hotel.  The room was lovely and Eva had her own cubbyhole with bunk-beds and her own tv and play-wall – very much a family hotel.

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After breakfast we picked up our park and all you can eat wristbands from reception and headed out to the beach before the Pleasure Beach opened. Blackpool beach is so pretty… for UK standards that is. Our closest beach is Brighton and that is full of stones and pebbles, but what Brighton lacks in sand it gains in charm.

After sandy bums and wet shoes we walked up the promenade to the Pleasure Beach park entrance. I am glad we decided to go on a Sunday as it was lovely and quiet. We made our way straight to Nickelodeon land to find Poppy while someone was saying “I wanna go on that ride, I wanna go on that ride” – that was Luke not Eva.

We had half an hour before the first Poppy Cat show started and the big child got his own way. He went on that horrific looking roller-coaster you can see all across Blackpool. I used to be such a thrillseeker, but that all changed when I had Eva. I was crapping myself on one of the children’s rides that goes high up and spins around…if I can’t control it, I don’t like it – Control freak alert!

There was only 2 children including Eva when the Copy Poppy show started, but the audience soon filled up when passers by could see all the fun they were having.

poppycat at blackpool pleasure beach (1)poppycat at blackpool pleasure beach (2)poppycat at blackpool pleasure beach (3)poppycat at blackpool pleasure beach (4)poppycat at blackpool pleasure beach (5)poppycat at blackpool pleasure beach (6)poppycat at blackpool pleasure beach (7)poppycat at blackpool pleasure beach (8)

Poppy is a character on Nick Jr. She is a sweet ginger tabby who loves her friends, solving puzzles and going on adventures. Eva  is already a Poppycat fan so loved interacting and cuddling the orange moggy. You can see a video snippet of the pleasure beach show on my Instagram. Eva went to the Copy Poppy performance, but there was also later shows including storytime and fitness forest. At the end the kids all line up for a photo, which parents can purchase…of course you can take your own too.

Afterwards we went to check out the rest of the theme park and grab some Lunch with our all you can eat wristband.

blackpool pleasure beach (1)blackpool pleasure beach (2)blackpool pleasure beach (3)blackpool pleasure beach (4)blackpool pleasure beach (5)blackpool pleasure beach (6)blackpool pleasure beach (7)blackpool pleasure beach (8)blackpool pleasure beach (9)


Eva absolutely loves theme parks and carnival rides.  When I was panicking on the ride that went up and down and around she was saying “it’s ok mummy, it is fun!”. All I can envision is the bolts all popping out of the hinges and the heavy seat tumbling down to the concrete below with us in it! She didn’t like the ghost ride though as you can see from the photo above…she had a perturbed thinking face on her for about 15 minutes after.

Big thanks to Poppycat for inviting us along to check out the show! Check out more about Poppy Cat & Nickelodeon on their websites.

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  1. 12 June, 2014 at 5:41 pm

    That looks like so much fun – I too haven’t been to blackpool since I was a child!

  2. 12 June, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    Beautiful photos, I love the snap of Eva in the car haha! I used to love Nickelodean as a kid. Can you believe I’ve never been to Blackpool!?

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