The Rooftop Film Club with Warehouse!

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It all started last week after I visited The Royal Childhood at Buckingham palace exhibition. On one of the hottest days the the year I weaved my way through Oxford Street to the flagship Warehouse store (number 264). I had been invited to check out the private dressing room to pick 3 items for a night out at the Rooftop film club the following week.

The private dressing room is free and available to pre-book in advance – 0203 713 0202. There are sofas and drinks in the fridge. Maybe you and your friends are on a shopping trip and want some privacy to try on lots of different pieces and relax rather than rushing in a out of the changing rooms.

Last night was the night… I made my way to Shoreditch for drinks, a BBQ, an open air movie and a catch-up with Emma from EJStyle, Annie from Epiphanniea and Lolli from Girl Stole London (who works for Warehouse).

roof top film club shoreditchroof top film club londonepiphannieawarehouse outfit culottesroof top film club street styleI wasn’t sure what kind of pose to do with the culottes so Emma suggested I do a little dance…kind of ended up with a big butt Nicki Minaj style pose. warehouse stripey vestwarehouse pre autumn winterwhat we all wore!

We took it in turns to take some outfit photos of each other all dressed up in our Warehouse clobber (all new season). Thanks to Annie for taking mine! I look sooooo awkward in these. I don’t really care anymore about having my photo taken in front of people. But everyone was looking at us on the roof wondering what the hell we were doing and kept being asked to move while staff set up the chairs. I couldn’t put my full pose throttle on!

roof top film clubejstyleEmma doing her blogger thang with some killer footwear!roof top film club bbqroof top film club london burgergirl stole londonShe’s been drinking, watermelonroof top film club toiletsWhen ya gotta go…roof top film club headsetsroof top film club in shoreditchroof top film club popcorn

The rooftop film club is in four locations across London – Shoreditch, Peckham Rye, Stratford and Ealing Broadway. I am not sure about the others, but the Shoreditch one was open to the public with a BBQ and bar until 8:30. Then everyone without a movie ticket is asked to buy one or head downstairs to the lower bar. The roof is transformed from a rooftop terrace bar to an open air cinema and guests are all handed a headset and blanket. You can find out more on the Rooftop Film Club website.

Big thanks to Warehouse and RFC for having us and you can also check out new season Warehouse online now!

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  1. 2 August, 2014 at 6:05 pm

    i’ve always wanted to go to the rfc, was it fun? what film did you see?

    you look gorgeous, no awkwardness that i can see!


  2. 2 August, 2014 at 11:12 pm

    I love the idea of this! You culottes + Emma’s shoes = LOVE. Beautiful snaps too, as per.

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