Mulberry Mini Lily / Micro Bag Trend

I first spotted the little cutie worn by one of the PR girls at the Mulberry SS15 LFW presentation and then on numerous celebrities such as Emma Watson at festivals. When anyone asked me what I wanted for Christmas I tried my luck and stated “the Mulberry Mini Lily”. Oh how much is that Kylie “£350”. Which resulted in a resounding NO. .

I thought I might try the Verruca salt technique which worked when I was 12 with my mother. I stamped my feet and pouted my bottom lip, said that I NEEDED it. There it appeared, under my tree with the little bells attached and beautiful Christmas packaging.  All  quite surprising really since ya know… I’m nearly 30. (More on my mini pre-30 melt downs in a later post). I really don’t think that tactic will work again. I was a very lucky little girl indeed.

mulberry mini lilymicro bag trendTeeny tiny bags have become popular over the last couple of years. Previously we draped the largest tote we could find over the crease of our arm.  As I am a photographer a lot of the time I do need to have a big bag to hold my camera equipment. Whenever possible I will grab the smallest bag I can find with the least amount of things inside it. It’s so liberating to come home without backache.

The mini lily fits in more than you would expect. I managed to get my phone, keys, cards and notes (there is a card holder slot inside) a lipstick and a mascara. It will be perfect for summer when I have a floaty dress with no pockets and just want to carry around the essentials.

  2 comments for “Mulberry Mini Lily / Micro Bag Trend

  1. 23 January, 2015 at 7:02 pm

    Also for the camera reason I love small bags these days! This is particularly drool-worthy…

    Becky ::

  2. tararawrs
    27 January, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    Best. Momz. Ever. It’s beaaautiful!! I’ve always wanted a Mulbs. This size is just right! Waaaant.

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