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I thought I would start a little diary entry series. Maybe once a month. My life isn’t that exciting for a daily or even weekly one. This is the first one, images above of Luna & Eva I took recently.

1). Have to move! After nearly 5 years living in our house in Bookham, the landlady stated her circumstances have changed and she needs to have the property back. Our tenancy ends at the end of May.  We were quite shocked as she said that she had no plans to kick us out any time soon and then we get an email saying the opposite. We have such an issue now as Eva has just started school and rentals in Bookham seem to be like gold dust. We thought maybe it’s time to get on the property ladder, but houses for sale seem to be just as few and far between, or waaaaaay out of our budget.

It’s looking as though we are going to have to move out of the area, which mean’s Eva will have to change schools. She loves her school so much and I am feeling incredibly guilty. The upheaval of moving and changing schools will probably be a lot for her to take in. At least if we buy, we will be completely settled.

2). On an up note I have a very exciting collaboration coming up with Wallis! I am going to be their blogger face of petites for the next few months. You may have spotted my sneak peak on instagram. They are having a complete overhaul of their petites offering. They want to put the message across that petites are not just for 5″3 and under. They are handy if you have short legs (like me) or a shorter torso. The range is fabulous and I styled up 4 looks which will be on the website in a couple of weeks. I will also be doing 2 outfit posts a month. Lots of wonderful 70s inspired pieces such as bell sleeved tops. I am pretty damn excited about being involved in this!

3). Memoir Mode turned 4 years old last week. I can’t believe I have kept the blog going for this long. I do feel like it is my 3rd baby after Eva and Luna. I am a bit sporadic with posting which I want to work on. I want to branch out and do all different types of topics rather than just a focus on fashion. You may have noticed restaurants and other things popping up. I love doing outfit posts, but when its the main topic I stress myself out trying to find new looks and fresh pieces all the time. Also finding someone to help me take photos and weather isn’t a bloggers friend in winter. I will experiment with different topics in between fashion and style posts to see what other people like and what I enjoy posting about.

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  1. tararawrs
    3 March, 2015 at 12:38 pm

    I don’t you should feel guilty because there was no way you were to know that would happen! It absolutely sucks but I hope you find somewhere else you can call home. Happy 4th blog birthday! I love reading lifestyle posts (well, from bloggers I adore haha) so I look forward to seeing a bit more variety. 🙂

    Tara x

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