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Next invited myself and a group of bloggers along to an over night stay at Osea Island in Essex. Many of the bloggers I already knew or had met before so was excited to catch-up with them after a few months press/blogger event hiatus.

I had never heard of Osea Island before, nor had any of the other girls. How this tranquil and beautiful place is so unknown is beyond me. No wonder it’s used by writers and musicians. A fun fact about the Island – The Manor House on the causeway was used in the movie ‘The Women in Black’ staring Daniel Radcliff.

You can get to the Island by car during low tide, which is 4 hours a day. It seemed surreal driving on the mile long gravel road with pools of sea water and seaweed either side. There was a van parked and two men were collecting clams from the ground. The taxi driver told me stories about people breaking down and watching their cars drift away. I asked how high the water gets and he replied “put it this way, a transit van driver broke down on the road once and he was barely hanging on to the top of the roof”. Moral of the story… If you get stuck on the Osea Island causeway, don’t hang about by your car!

There is a private taxi boat firm that can take you to the island if you miss the low tide window. It does cost £60 per person though. Think I would rather swim. Reminds me of that scene from The Beach.

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I arrived later than the other girls as I had to take Eva to school. They had just finished a cooking class and had settled down to lunch. I quickly put my bag down in my room, checked out the goodies left in the bed and went back to join them. I saw Emma’s tweet on what she was wearing, so expected to be matching to her. As I looked around the table there was 5 of us in the same top. Next asked us to pick a few pieces to wear on the Island and clearly, the folk top was the winner! Out of the hundreds, possibly thousands of products they have. This was quite amazing, group shot was necessary!

After lunch I decided to go off on my own for a little wander and explore. I live in a little village which is quiet. well apart from when the sunshine started last week and it sounded like the San Antonio strip along the road…crazy sun loving Brits! There are no cars on the island and I didn’t see another soul walking around. All you can hear is the birds in the trees, the soft sound of the sea and your feet crunching on the ground. In fact I made a few animal friends. A couple of fledgling birds and a pair of donkeys.

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When I arrived back at the house afternoon tea was being served. After that myself, Emma & Wendy went scouting for outfit post locations. Big thanks to Emma for taking mine. You can check out what Emma picked to wear and the outfit photos I took of her on ejstyle.co.uk

Then it was time to get ready for a special murder mystery dinner in the library. My room was actually situated upstairs in this room (the only one). Earlier in the day whilst relaxing on the bed the alcove door suddenly feel down. Was worried after the dinner that I would be spooked out. It was in fact, really silly and fun. Marilyn Monroe had been poisoned at gala dinner by a spider. We had to use clues and ask questions to find out who did it from a list of suspects on a card.

My teams theory was so crap we got to act ours out….very embarrassing.

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We spent the rest of the night in the lounge chatting and laughing away. I had no idea how completely filthy some of these bloggers are! As in dirty senses of humour….I loved it! What’s a girls sleep over without some crude convo!

It was a late breakfast in the morning at 10am whilst we all casually made our way down to join everyone. I always dream of having my own room (being a mother) and waking up naturally. It seems I can’t sleep past 7am these days. 6 years ago Kylie could sleep until noon quite easily. It was absolute bliss waking up on a sunny morning and walking outside to almost complete silence and views to the sea. It wasn’t just luck that the weather was so good when we were there. Osea Island, apparently has the least rainfall a year in the UK.

The Island has no habitants and the only buildings are for holiday rental and event hire. I can imagine how fantastic it would be to have a hen party or a wedding would be so much fun.

At 12pm our taxis arrived and we were taken back to the station. Everyone felt relaxed, rejuvenated and a bit sad to go home.

Thanks so much to next for inviting me along. It really was the best event I have ever been too.


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  1. sam
    17 June, 2015 at 7:21 pm

    I can’t believe you are all wearing the same top. Brilliant haha!

  2. 22 June, 2015 at 10:53 am

    Looks like you had such an amazing time! I’ll have to buy that top – must be brilliant if you all picked it! haha

    Emily x

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