A Stripy Rope Dress

{Cue the worlds smallest violin} I very nearly decided to call it quits on blogging, as some might have guessed from my long absence. It started to feel like a chore and not something I was enjoying any more; the blogging slump that is well documented in the blogsophere. We all get it, I have had it many times over the 4 years I have been sharing on my little corner of the internet. This time it felt different, but I thought I would give it a few weeks to see if I missed it.

Last week I started to get a niggling anxiety to post, I had lots of things in my wardrobe that I wanted to share. I think that is the bottom line of it, I knew I should post when I wanted to, when I really have something to say! We are told over and over that we should post all the time, consistently and to a schedule. Which I suppose you should if you are a full time blogger. But I don’t aspire to do it for a career. I love having it as a hobby and a sideline. I will always be an erratic poster but at least I will be enjoying it, rather than stressing myself out. Hopefully that will also mean quality content for people to look at.

Saying that because I have been away for so long, I have a massive amount I want to post about now.

summer outfit ss15 2015stripe rope dressrope beltasos stripe rope dresswhite straw fedora hatfinery london slide sandals

Stripy Rope dress – ASOS
White Straw Fedora – ASOS
Slider Sandals – Finery

I was browsing twitter the other week and Alexandra of The Frugality (you should really check out her blog, her style is killer) posted up a photo wearing this ASOS stripy rope dress. It was one of those dresses I knew I needed immediately; I love stripes and have a little penchant for rope detail. I clicked through and spotted my size was out of stock! I haven’t been this sad about a piece being out of stock in my size in a long time. I am constantly browsing ASOS new in, so was mad with myself that I had missed it.

I thought I would check again and there was a size 10 that was obviously a return. I am really more of an 8 and this dress is a tad too big for me, but I love it so much I can put up with it. Many apologies if you love this dress as much as I do and your size isn’t in stock!

The slider sandals are a first purchase from Finery, which I believe is a very new brand. I just adore their products! Really smart, unique pieces and the prices are very reasonable too.

  5 comments for “A Stripy Rope Dress

  1. 10 August, 2015 at 3:27 pm

    I completely understand what you mean about a blogging slump – you’re right, sometimes waiting for inspiration does the trick! This is a gorgeous blog post and lovely photos. Also I love Finery but have yet to buy anything from them, you might have just persuaded me 🙂


  2. 10 August, 2015 at 6:37 pm

    I am glad you are back and you look lovely in that dress Kylie. I have had some time off my blog too recently…I just couldn’t get the words down on the screen! xx

  3. 10 August, 2015 at 6:38 pm

    Awesome style 🙂 I think you must share your photos on http://www.voguedrobe.com, too 🙂

  4. tararawrs
    12 August, 2015 at 6:25 pm

    I love the slightly oversized fit! That rope belt is perfect too. Thank goodness you didn’t quit Kylie, I wouldn’t be able to cope – I’ve put your absence down to school holidays! 😉

  5. 12 August, 2015 at 7:55 pm

    Gorgeous Dress hun, i’ve just come across your blog and it’s lovely! Well done hun, I’ll be back 😉 xX


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