The Mayfield Lavender Farm, Surrey

We only live 10 miles away from the Mayfield Lavender Farm and I have been meaning to go every summer for years. Finally we went last weekend and unfortunately, most of the lavender had already been harvested. It must look so vibrant and beautiful in July so I WILL go next summer and see it in it’s full glory.

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 Shoes: c/o Superga  // Bag: Mulberry // Top: River Island // Skirt: Zara // Rings & Bangle: Topshop // Friendship bracelets: ASOS


My plan was to take beautiful photos of Eva in her new Pepito By Chus sale buy dress (a Spanish childrenswear brand that I LOVE). Eva had other plans. She was absolutely terrified of the bees. I tried to explain to her that it is wasps that are the little buggers and bees only bother you if you bother them, but she was having none of it. Daddy had to keep rescuing her.

I finally got a couple of photos of her through bribery “Eva if you pretend to look happy for a couple of photos, I will buy you a present”.

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Not sure it is very convincing?

Usually I like an overcast day for natural photography light, but the sky was just too grey. I had a hard time editing these as the images were just so flat. Fingers crossed Eva’s bee phobia goes away by next summer and we pick a day that is more photography kind.

The lavender smelt so beautiful we walked back to the nursery to buy some bunches. While we were there we went to the cafe to by some food including lavender cupcakes and fudge. as much as I love the smell of lavender the taste is not for me! Luke and Eva seemed to like it though.

All of the lavender has been cut as of yesterday. if you would like to visit yourself, you can go from the 30th of May 2016. The farm shop and nursery are open all year.

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  1. Nico
    4 September, 2015 at 7:03 pm

    Love your hair! Fab shots!!

    KIMONO outfit for the city on

  2. tararawrs
    13 September, 2015 at 8:28 pm

    Oh Eva haha! She looks lovely and you look grorgeous! I want to hang out in a Lavender field. 😉

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