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I was originally invited to an adults night of kidzania which I was unable to attend. Funnily enough as I was snapchatting Eva’s experience (my user name is memoirmode) people were messaging me saying they wish they could go. They do sporadic nights every so often for adults evenings. The next one is on the 14th of April in association with Time Out magazine. If you miss that, follow their Twitter page to be kept updated on their next night which will be in a few weeks time.

So back to the experience for the lucky little beggars. I think I spent most of my time conversing with other adults on “how we never had this sort of thing when we were young”. These young whipper snappers don’t know they’re born! 

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So what is kidzania exactly?

Kidzania is role play on steroids! (Not literally). Kids can immerse themselves in a child sized city, trying out different careers. The kids will receive 50 kidZos in cash when they ‘check-in’ and they can earn money, or spend it on different experiences. Grown ups are not allowed in each experience, they can either watch through a viewing window or go upstairs to the Lounge and leave them to their own devices.

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Huh, leave your children alone, How safe is it?

There is just one entrance and one exit for visitors (not including fire exits) with controlled access managed by the KidZania security team. Each child is checked in individually and fitted with an arm tag that can only be removed by employees with parental authorisation through a specialised system at the end of their visit. The tag is scanned at every experience (which also holds information on dietary intolerances etc). Parents can go to a station to see where their child was scanned last if they need to find them. Obviously very young children need to be supervised still so this is for aged 7 and up.

This must feel amazing for children to experience some controlled freedom. They get to choose what jobs to do and how to spend their money. Parents can go and sit up in the adults only lounge which looks over the city which has food, drink, wifi and comfy seats.

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What sort of experiences can they do?

There are 60 experiences and each one takes between 15 to 45 minutes. I thought that 4 hours would be a long time to spend at kidzania but it flew by. Eva picked the shop keeper, midwife, fire officer, engineer, tv studio, chocolate maker, pilot and paramedic careers. She also decided on buying a tattoo at the tattoo parlour.

We will definitely be going back again. Eva was quite keen on trying out jobs at the Theatre, radio studio, Police station and football stadium.

The full list of activities can be found here

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Is there anywhere to eat?

  • The Coffee shop
  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen
  • The Sweet Shop
  • The Diner
  • Crepe Affaire Mini
  • The Hut

You can’t bring your own food into kidzania. We walked into a diner to eat and first of all I wasn’t sure if it was a real place to eat or another kids career shop. Eva had pizza and I choose a falafel burger.

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What age is it for?

It’s aimed at 4-14 year olds. But there is also an early years section for 0-3 year olds that have come along for the fun.

Some of the experiences are more advanced than others and outside each activity you will find a poster stating what age it is suitable for.

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My Tips!
Firstly I would say eat before and after. We stopped to eat halfway through and that 30 minutes could have been spend doing an activity. Once the 4 hours is up on the child tag, they won’t be about to participate in anymore jobs, but you can still visit the restaurants.

Secondly we visited on an inset day at 12noon. It was very busy with groups of school kids until about 2pm, after that we had 2 hours of quiet bliss before we had to leave at 4pm. After 4 is the late 2 hour sessions. If you are allergic to crowds like I am, visit on an inset day around 1pm. Just as the school trip groups are leaving and before the late sessions are starting.

Lastly as each activity is 15-45 minutes long, you can be queuing outside quite a while if you are not tactical. I checked the poster in front of the door to see how many children are allowed in that activity and counted how many were in the line ahead of us.

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Term time: Monday to Friday – 10:00am to 6:30pm last admission 2:30pm // Saturday 10:00am to 8:00pm last admission 4:00pm // Sunday 10:00am to 7:00pm last admission 3:00pm

School Holidays: Monday to Sunday – 10:00am to 8:00pm last admission 4:00pm

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Ticket Prices

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Ticket Type Online*
Child  [4 – 14 years old] £29.50 or £32.00 on weekends & holidays
Adult  [15 +  years old] £16.50
Early Years [1 – 3 years old] £10.00
Infants [under 1 year] Free

Or the afternoon 2 hour late session

Ticket Type Online*
Child  [4 – 14 years old] £23.00 or £25.00 on weekends & holidays
Adult  [15 +  years old] £10.00
Early Years [1 – 3 years old] £10.00
Infants [under 1 year] Free

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How to get here
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Phone: 0330 131 3333

Address: KidZania London, Westfield London, Ariel Way, W12 7GA (KidZania London is located on the First Floor between Marks & Spencers and Gap.)


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