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I’m finally getting back into the routine of blogging again thankfully. Rather than put it to one side while I’m going through a bad stage in my life, I have found it is keeping me occupied and focused. It’s what I enjoy doing and being creative is such a good outlet rather then stagnating indoors doing nothing. I am going to try and keep to a schedule of posting on Sunday evenings, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I would love for a follow on bloglovin and I’m going to be posting everyday on instagram.

I know I’m being rather quiet about what is going on and keep skimming over details, but I’m sure I will talk about it when it’s less raw. Not too detailed though, I still like to keep some things private online.

People have said to me… oh I had no idea anything was going on as you seem like you have it together on your social and blog life. Reality is much different of course and you should never take what you see online at face value; that goes for all bloggers, youtubers and social influencers. Everybody has ups and downs in their life, it’s just some people like to focus on the good times. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, it’s just people need to keep that in mind when they  assume someone has all their shit together!

On to another topic… I am slowly but surely teaching all my relatives and friends how to use my camera. This time my Dads new girlfriend Clare had a go and I was very impressed! Didn’t she do a good job? We took these in Horsham, West Sussex (one of the towns I grew up in) on the Causeway which has had a lot of filming going down over years…it’s just so pretty!

Marc Cain sent me over this fun bag as a preview before their new bags and shoes lines have just dropped with more coming on the 13th, so keep an eye on that.

Aaaand onto the outfit details….


Bag – Marc Cain* | Dungarees –  ASOS | Top – H&M (old) similar here  |  Shoes – Alexander Wang (old)


  1. 12 July, 2016 at 11:28 am

    Heya glad to see you back! I hope you are well and don’t worry time fixes everything. Xx

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