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It makes me laugh typing ‘summer in the city’. We only have a week of sunshine each year and these photos were taken in that week. I live in hope and if summer does ever return to us again and you want a free activity to fill an afternoon; do check out the Serpentine Gallery at Kensington gardens.

Every year since 2000 a top architect is commissioned to design a temporary summer pavilion that the public is free to explore for 3 months. There are also 4 more smaller summer houses, but this main one really is a blogger dream backdrop… you have probably already seen it used a few times on instagram.

We tried to climb on it to get some cool abstract photos, but the security guard quickly ran over to tell us to get off. The structure is made of fibre glass, so not made for sitting or standing on.

I haven’t spent that much time in Kensington Gardens previously, but it’s a lot more peaceful and quieter than other London Parks. Aside from the Serpentine Galleries Kensington Gardens also includes the Italian Gardens, Albert Memorial, Peter Pan Statue and the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground

Natural striped skirt  ASOS, ASOS Petite, ASOS Curve // Boxy crop top ASOS // Leather sandals Free People


Photos thanks to Carl Thompson

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