This is probably my 5th or 6th blog post over the years dedicated to my love of black. I’m not a particularly colourful dresser. I have flirted with the idea a few times and I do have the odd piece glaring out of my wardrobe, anyone remember the colour blocking trend inspired by by Gucci Spring/summer 2011? I also love white & grey, but the only shade I will wear head to toe is black, especially in winter.

I do think the key to not looking plain or monotone is to mix up textures. A black leather skirt, with a black poplin blouse and black longline wool coat gives plenty of interest.

The main reason I love wearing black is it’s timeless! I still don’t mind looking at all black outfits I posted when I first started blogging. I do cringe when I look back at outfits where I’ve tried to play around with colours and prints; The pastel jeans circa 2012 was an especially low point in my blogging life! Anyone else? Obviously not to insult colourful dressers, personally it’s just not my vibe!

I don’t actually wear my jacket like this (twatty jacket caping). Only once when my top sleeves were too big for my jacket sleeves (big sleeves is trend I love at the moment).

A little cameo from my Italian greyhound Luna who also featured in my friend Carl Thompson’s blog and Instagram check it out and thanks to him for these photos

I am wearing // Topshop Jamie Jeans – H&M Cap – Urban Outfitters lace top (jacket and boots are old and long out of stock)