Just a little update with a random photo of me in Hampstead. I met my blogger pal Sophie Green for a little drinkypoos one Sunday afternoon and we took a few snaps outside of this very floral house. We got a bit of a shock when Dynamo walked out of the front door with his dog. The skirt is from Missguided, top is from ASOS, the bag is discontinued from Bracher Emden and sunglasses are stolen from the Boyfriend.

So onto my update. As I wrote in my new beginnings post, I’ve just got divorced and was looking to move back to West Sussex where the majority of my family and friends live. I found myself in a sort of limbo land, that confusing place between now and then.

I don’t want to be all melodramatic about this as it doesn’t compare to the limbo land that Syrian refugees are currently experiencing and I feel guilty when I start to get down and depressed about it, but it is stressful.

The place I wanted to move to is highly competitive on rental properties and I’m slightly fussy! Why should I move myself and my daughter from my owned property that’s decorated how I want it into something that’s below par in my opinion. I already have to have a family member look after Luna my Italian greyhound until I am in the position to have back again. Also the thought of actually moving and sorting out my daughters new school. This is what I wanted though and still do!

I got into the mindset of feeling overwhelmed

Oh I can’t really blog now as it feels like I’m not in the right headspace

I can’t really be too proactive with work as I don’t have much childcare options until I move

I shouldn’t be involved with anyone else until I’m moved and settled (that didn’t last)

Amongst lots of other things. Basically putting my life on hold completely. The thing is… I found when I have that overall mindset then I’m generally not very productive at all… I tend to stalemate completely. Waiting for something that’s going to happen “soon.”

I had a lightbulb moment. The more productive I am the more energy I have to sort things out and move forward. Living in the moment and taking opportunities rather than living for tomorrow, next week or month.

Life is precious and too short to waste in limbo.

I’ve now moved back to West Sussex and me and Eva are settling into our new flat. There’s still boxes everywhere and I haven’t got all the furniture I need, but I will get there slowly and surely. Onwards and upwards!