Guess who’s back, back again!

Now I know when I’m going OUT OUT! This usually means the evening has been planned for a while, the tight dresses and heels come out of hiding and I spend a few hours getting ready. Panicking that my hair and make-up are not going right and thinking, shit… I can see the outline of my knickers through this tight dress I’m wearing! Should I go commando? Then deciding It’s not a great idea considering I am a ‘fall over kind of drunk’. #classygirl

My friends know I’m more of a relaxed dresser and to be honest, I’m happier in a pub in jeans and trainers having a few drinks and a catch-up. My OUT OUT style is still quite simple too as you can see.

When I do push the boat out on getting ready, I tend to wear something tight (I’m wearing a bodycon dress from Topshop) and cover it up and contradict that with something oversized. I have a terrible habit of loosing jackets when I go out out. So low cost, high-street jackets like this £17.99 denim jacket from H&M is a must. Again.. bags have to be attached to me, clutch bags are a no go. This suede cross body from accessorize and fits in all my essentials. The shoes are old from Next, but there are plenty of lace-up heels out there in stores.

I’m a photographer as you may or may not know and I recently had a shoot in this location with a handbag brand and we shot in a bus shelter near Victoria Station. It was raining the day myself and Carl Thompson wanted to meet up (thanks to him for these photos). So I thought it was the perfect loacation to hide from the downpour.

I’m the queen on finding locations to shoot when it’s raining. In fact… I might do a post about it.

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  1. 12 August, 2017 at 4:10 pm

    Looking BEAUTIFUL Kylie. You always look so foxy. Great location too!

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