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Watch AW14 LFW LIVE on Memoir Mode

I have decided to only physically go to London Fashion week on Saturday & Sunday this February. The rest of the time I will be streaming (probably from my bed).  I am hosting the video here for the entirety of LFW Live. The video will automatically update for each show. Here is the AW14 show schedule for your viewing pleasure: Read more →

Kristian Aadnevik SS14 Backstage – LFW

Kristian Aadnevik ss14

Final LFW SS14 post from me! I was lucky enough to join Moroccanoil backstage once again for the Kristian Aadnevik SS14 show. Earlier on in the day I joined them backstage for Margaret Howell SS14.

The Kristian Aadnevik show was held at the Royal Horseguards hotel near Embankment. I have never stepped foot in this hotel before, but oh my! what an amazing venue for a fashion show. If anyone is looking for somewhere grand and traditional to stay in London…this is the place. Wish I had taken more photos. Read more

Backstage with Moroccanoil at Margaret Howell SS14 – LFW

On day 3 of London Fashion Week I woke up at an ungodly hour (but worth it) to cover backstage at Margaret Howell SS14 with Moroccanoil, who are LFW hair product suppliers. This was actually my second time ever covering backstage. My first being only the day before for PPQ SS14. It was in and out with PPQ, things were pretty hectic back there lots of people and limited space. I had more time and freedom with Margaret Howell to get the shots I wanted. Then it was a toss up between staying backstage for the show or getting up front.

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Orla Kiely Spring/Summer 2014 – LFW


Orla Kiely SS14 was the collection I was most looking forward to see this London Fashion Week. I prefer presentations over catwalks anyway; from a photography point of view they are more visual. Orla Kiely always puts on the most creative presentation at LFW and with the beautiful clothing my inner photographer cannot contain herself.

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PPQ Spring Summer 2014 – LFW

Today (well nearly yesterday) was the start of London Fashion Week. PPQ was my first show for SS14 and the last of the day.

I was a guest of Mascotte who is one of the official suppliers of LFW. They have collaborated with PPQ on a limited edition shoe which was debuted tonight. The models wore the glamorous sandals in black and purple. They include gold buckles and multiple straps for the edgy ‘London Look‘. Which they hope will appeal to their new UK consumers.

Here are a mix of backstage and show snaps…

backstage lfw ppq ss14

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LFW AW13 Highlights (Tata-Naka, Maria Grachvogel, Belle Sauvage & Ashley Isham)

I have so many LFW photographs that I really could go on for a couple of weeks.  I thought it would be easier to edit down to my final LFW favourites and put them in this one post.  All completely different styles of designers, but I think they reflect my eclectic tastes and you will see something in there you like.

I know a lot of people are more interested in what they can wear in the here and now, but I an genuinely interested in fashion on the whole. Clothes from the past, what I can wear now, whats coming in the future and ideas.

ashley isham aw13 dress

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Pam Hogg AW13 & The English National Ballet

Just to warn you there is a bit of nude life in this post. I wouldn’t want for you to be at work and your boss walks past you as you have a very naked lady on the screen. It was erotic, it was crazy, it was theatrical, it was Pam Hogg!

 Theatrical it was in more way than one.  The English National Ballet joined the models wearing Pam Hogg latex numbers, dancing their way up the catwalk. There was a huge applause after each dancer had finished their routine; the movements and the dark music made it all very bewitching.

Pam Hogg English National Ballet LFW

Pam Hogg autumn winter 2013 Pam Hogg autumn winter 2013-14 Pam Hogg aw13 coat Pam Hogg AW13 fashion scout Pam Hogg AW13 headwear

I loved the make-up. It was all centered to the middle of the face.  False eyelashes that were cut on both sides and I would absolutely like to try, could imagine wearing them on a night out.

Pam Hogg aw13 English National BalletPam Hogg English National Ballet AW13 LFW Pam Hogg English National Ballet Fashion Scout Pam Hogg English National Ballet LFW Pam Hogg English National Ballet

I have felt since fashion week last September that this was the show that got away. I had an invite to the show, but it was pandamania outside Vauxhall Fashion Scout. Everybody wanted to watch it  and this year was no exception. Even with a photographer pass I struggled to get past security. I finally made my way up to the already crowded photographer pit and was extremely lucky as they wouldn’t let anymore photographers in due to health and safety.

Pam Hogg aw13 lace catsuit Pam Hogg aw13 LFW Pam Hogg aw13 sequin boots Pam Hogg AW13 stagewear Pam Hogg AW13 Pam Hogg AW13-14 Pam Hogg

Among the latex and sequined outfits you are more likely to see on Lady Gaga at one of her concerts; there was some wearable outfits thrown in. I spotted a beautiful emerald top and a divine gold rolled neck dress. Of course they had to be Hogged up with a mahoosive hat and fierce shoes!  If I was a superstar popstar I would most definitely get in contact with Pam Hogg to design a statement stage costume.

I was absolutely delighted to be able to see this catwalk show. Its not one I would forget in a while and was much more than a catwalk show. thank you to Pop PR for inviting me along.



Orla Kiely AW13 – The Typing Pool AT LFW

On Day 2 of LFW I made my way out of the Fashion Week arena of Somerset House; to the Elms Lester Gallery near Tottenham Court Road.   As someone who is very snap happy at events and presentations, judging from Orla Kiely’s previous presentations, I was excited to see what was in store for us.

As much as I love watching clothes going up and down the catwalk.  A themed presentation is what I really like to watch.  I don’t think it detracts from the clothing either, but more adds to it as you can get a picture of the inspiration behind it.

Orla Kiely london fashion week aw13

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KTZ Autumn/Winter 2013 At LFW

KTZ AW13 was crazy, kooky, cool!  It was one of the other shows I went to photograph on Friday.  I actually had a seated ticket for this one, but I always like to go and squeeze in with the photographers. Not sure if anyone in the seated area would appreciate my big ass lens in their face.

I love this photo directly below, I like where the model has positioned her hand,  with the long wavy hair behind her and the zombie like expression on her face! Love the skirt and the hat.  Not sure if I would be brave enough for gold boots though.

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Bora Aksu Autumn/Winter 2013-14

Bora Aksu AW13 was the first show I attended on Friday. The Zoe Jordan show was beforehand, but I only managed to get into the cinema room (where the standing guests at the back of the queue get ushered to if there is an over spill). So this was the first one I photographed.  I took about 200 photographs, so rather than bombarding you (as beautiful as the collection is) here is my edit.

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LFW Craig Lawrence SS13 Collection

On Monday the Lady Gaga wearing knitwear designer Craig Lawrence was showcasing his SS13 collection in the  Portico rooms in Somerset House.  I didn’t actually have an invite, but I had an empty space between the Christian Blanken SS13 and DAS Collection SS13 shows and I knew this one would be fantastic to snap.  

The very nice lady holding the guest-list said it would be fine to come in and to be honest, I think I was very lucky as the room was jam packed! 

LFW Craig Lawrence SS13 Collection

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LFW DAS Collection SS13 Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Supermodel Alek Wek opened the show in a gold number to a chorus of applause. DAS collection designed by Emirati sisters Reem and Hind Beljafla,  set out to design the ‘must have black abaya’  They then moved on to creating the cut in different fabrics and colours. Their mission now is to take a global stage and appeal to an international audience directed to woman who want to dress moderately and elegantly – Elegant and beautiful it was.

das collection ss13 lfw vfs

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LFW christian blanken SS13 collection

The Christian Blanken SS13 was another presentation I photographed on behalf of Tell Us Fashion.  I don’t really take that much notice of the wears when I am in full photography flow because you have to be super quick – but when I was looking at the collection after on my camera display, I just thought – I want to wear all of it SS13! Check it out!

christian blanken SS13 collection LFW

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LFW Ekaterina Kukhareva SS13 Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Day 3 of LFW I went to watch the Ekaterina Kukhareva SS13 Vauxhall Fashion Scout show as a photographer for Tell Us Fashion.   I took position on the floor by the photographer pit, where photographers scrutinise what camera you are using, who you are and the reason for what lenses you are using (disguised as industry chit chat).  Very funny,  An interesting experience to say the least.  I found pit photography at music festivals to be the same too.

Ekaterina Kukhareva ss13 lfw vauxhall fashion scout
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