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Hello! My names Kylie and I’m an off the shoulder addict!! I have long been partial to a naked shoulder. Long before it became a trend, I was cutting t-shirts to expose them. No more bad DIY now the cold shoulder is a fully fledged trend, I can walk into any store and have my pick of multiple styles. Although my favourite place to… Read more →


Firstly…big thanks to Carl Thompson for taking these photos, do check out his blog. Secondly excuse my ridiculous tattoo, I never ever show it in blog posts because I detest it! I was tempted to photoshop it out, but it’s there, it’s stuck on me and it is what it is! I got it done at 17, in fact all… Read more →


*This post is in partnership with Selfridges Last year I had a couple of weddings to attend. I hadn’t been to a wedding for yonks so the whole wedding guest dressing was a daunting prospect. I had no idea what the rules are apart from that you shouldn’t wear white and I was petrified of offending the bride or getting side eyes… Read more →


I should have called this entry ‘all of Kylie’s signature poses all in one post’. In my previous post (yes quite a while ago) I wore a flared sleeve top and gushed over the Etsy Store I had discovered. I have since bought 3 more tops. One yet to arrive and the other two featured in this post. I just… Read more →


Top – (Etsy) Uh La La Land // Jeans – Topshop // Sunglasses – River Island // Bag – Village England* // Shoes – Topshop (silver online, but I bought the black in store) Terrible title alert! I couldn’t resist with the almost rhyming, but not quite. I really feel I missed my calling being that person that thinks up… Read more →

#ShareTheWarmth with Hush Puppies

MOTHER & DAUGHTER STYLE WITH HUSH PUPPIES  BOXHILL SURREY Hey! I’m back with a special mother/daughter post. Footwear brand Hush Puppies got in touch and asked if I would like to collaborate with them on a post for their #sharethewarmth campaign. The Hush Puppy USP is the fact they are super comfortable! I have gone from back breaking, ankle threatening… Read more →

Next Take 12

I felt totally out of practise getting my pose on… I haven’t put together an outfit post for a couple of months! Next are promoting their new order by midnight next day delivery service and kindly sent me over a few pieces. 11 other bloggers received the same shirt and we were challenged to style up our own way. Next also sent… Read more →

The Mayfield Lavender Farm, Surrey

We only live 10 miles away from the Mayfield Lavender Farm and I have been meaning to go every summer for years. Finally we went last weekend and unfortunately, most of the lavender had already been harvested. It must look so vibrant and beautiful in July so I WILL go next summer and see it in it’s full glory.  Shoes: c/o Superga  //… Read more →

Working the Wizard Sleeves

Some call them bell sleeves, I like to call them wizard sleeves. They also remind me of medieval dresses. Not only are they huge in size, but they are also a HUGE trend for summer and I am guessing for Autumn/Winter too. Like I said in my previous Summer Haze post I am done with buying summery clothes this year.… Read more →