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EDUCATIONAL ROLE PLAY WHITE CITY, WESTFIELDS I was originally invited to an adults night of kidzania which I was unable to attend. Funnily enough as I was snapchatting Eva’s experience (my user name is memoirmode) people were messaging me saying they wish they could go. They do sporadic nights every so often for adults evenings. The next one is on… Read more →

Lapland UK 2014

Eva has been very spoilt with trips this year thanks to my mum. First to Disneyland Paris and then to Lapland UK. We went in 2011 and the experience was good. This year I would say excellent; even though I am ill and grumpy! I was pleased to find out they had scrapped the cheeky paying for parking this time when… Read more →

Life: A farm theme party

My little Eva turned 5 over the weekend and had a birthday party at Bocketts Farm in Surrey. I thought I would share little snippets of the food and decorations. Obviously I don’t know if most parents would be happy with photos of their children on the internet so decided to leave out all but a few party pics. Eva… Read more →

Festival for the under 10s – Lollibop!

For my 4th festival of the summer, Eva and I headed to Hertfordshire for the big bash for kids – Lollibop. Special thanks to Poppy Cat for the tickets! You may remember our trip to Blackpool to meet her. Our playmates for the day were Julia from StyloNylon along with her husband Myles and little boy Gus. We had never been before and… Read more →

Eva wears: In Primrose Hill

Yesterday me and Eva went along to an Apartment Spring Break event in Primrose Hill – a post on that next week! I really liked Eva’s little outfit and everyone was complimenting her; so I thought I would do a kids street style post with her balloon… that she lost 5 minutes later. There was pure grief in her eyes as the balloon left… Read more →

portraits of my daughter

Just a few impromptu snaps I thought I would share. Eva and Luna were cuddling on the bed watching tv, so I quickly went to get my camera. Of course, as soon as a camera is in the vicinity…well you know the saying about kids and animals. One day I will get the shot I want of both of them… Read more →

Next Kids SS14

Phew final day of Easter holidays…as much as I love my daughter, I love having time to myself to get shiz done. She needs entertaining from the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed. No idea what I am going to do with her in the Summer holidays. One of the days of the Easter holidays was filled… Read more →