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Importance of a fitted bikini

I feel like I am doing an awful lot of boob talk in recent days, moaning about my troublesome pair.  After a holiday of wearing fitted bikinis from Freya, I find it insane I ever tried to fold, tuck and squeeze my chesticles in those handkerchief triangle bikinis. Freya is an incredibly trusted brand to me now, I recently posted about their lingerie and what it means to… Read more →

How I dress the ‘girls’

We all talk so much about what we wear, but what we as ‘fashion bloggers’ don’t usually show or discuss is what we wear under our clothes.  The fit of our bra, a corset, size of our knickers (think Bridget Jones) can influence what are clothes and shape look like on the outside.  After having a baby my bosoms have been through some turmoil,… Read more →