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Guess who’s back, back again! Now I know when I’m going OUT OUT! This usually means the evening has been planned for a while, the tight dresses and heels come out of hiding and I spend a few hours getting ready. Panicking that my hair and make-up are not going right and thinking, shit… I can see the outline of… Read more →


Oh hello! It’s been a while since I last posted and this is in fact my first post of the year. I actually have a backlog of photos that I need to share so hopefully I can take myself out of the ‘lazy blogger’ category soon. I’ve titled this blog New Beginnings because I class 2017 as just that. Most… Read more →


Slouch Coat – Topshop // Jeans – Zara // Slingback shoes – Zara // Roll neck jersey – ASOS // Watch – Vintage Omega   This is the only coat I have bought this year whilst my fellow fashion bloggers are showing off their 5th coat of the season. I already have every colour and in my preferred palette and because I tend to… Read more →


  This look is what I would call understated fashun twat. It has the foundations of a normcore, basic style with the blue jeans, white shirt and pointed courts. However, it also Includes an added wtf is that factor to those who don’t follow Pinterest fashion boards. Take my sister for example who has no interest in fashion trends. I met… Read more →


Firstly…big thanks to Carl Thompson for taking these photos, do check out his blog. Secondly excuse my ridiculous tattoo, I never ever show it in blog posts because I detest it! I was tempted to photoshop it out, but it’s there, it’s stuck on me and it is what it is! I got it done at 17, in fact all… Read more →

A Stripy Rope Dress

{Cue the worlds smallest violin} I very nearly decided to call it quits on blogging, as some might have guessed from my long absence. It started to feel like a chore and not something I was enjoying any more; the blogging slump that is well documented in the blogsophere. We all get it, I have had it many times over the… Read more →

how to wear a gypsy blouse

Gypsy Blouse

  SUMMER UNIFORM   The final post from my collaboration with Wallis Petites. I picked this sheer gypsy blouse for the final product to style up. I think out of all of the Wallis products, their tops have been my ultimate favourite. The infamous bell-sleeve top, the paisley print blouse and now this gypsy blouse are part of my go-to… Read more →

Orange Maxi Dress

Cheesy post with me wandering through a crop field. This gorgeous orange maxi dress was sent over by Wallis as part of the perfectly petite campaign. We now live opposite a vast crop field, so I thought the bright colour set against the green landscape would look quite good. I was hoping for a clear sky and a lovely sundown,… Read more →

Little Black Jumpsuit

This is my forth instalment for Wallis, you can check out all my Wallis perfectly petite posts so far. I had serious love for their bell sleeve top! Just a reminder, I am working with Wallis styling up pieces from their petites range every month. We already know how good their main and W collection have become over the last… Read more →