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Blog posts on things that are personal to me, for example old family photo’s


Oh hello! It’s been a while since I last posted and this is in fact my first post of the year. I actually have a backlog of photos that I need to share so hopefully I can take myself out of the ‘lazy blogger’ category soon. I’ve titled this blog New Beginnings because I class 2017 as just that. Most… Read more →

It’s a personalised dogs life!

A break from some Fashion for the week and onto some lifestyle content. Luna was very kindly offered some presents from including a towel, blanket and slate feeding mat…lucky pooch! I wanted to photograph her modelling each of the items. I knew the feeding mat and the blanket would be no problem – but the bath and the towel would… Read more →

Introducing Luna!

Oh hello…I have gone a bit AWOL with my blog lately – I have been busy with a new family arrival! If you follow me on twitter or instagram you would have already heard about Luna the Italian Greyhound. I thought I should give her a little introduction post on here. I am sure she will be making appearances from… Read more →

One of those facts about me posts

I know, I know! This has been done to death by the blogging community.  To be fair I have been writing mine for about 2 weeks, jotting down a fact every time I think of one.  At that point there was a few posts and videos here and there and now the fact I have spent so much time on it, I am bloody posting it!

I don’t usually do blogging tags,but I have enjoyed reading the facts about me one. Fashion and Style bloggers can seem a bit one dimensional, so its great getting to know the people behind the blogs a bit more.  I am not going to pick 50 like most bloggers have done (I can’t think of 50). So I have decided to pick a few and follow up with a short story behind it.

facts about me post

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My Top 10 Favourite Memoir Mode Posts Of 2012

So here we are at the end of 2012 and to me it has been full of ups and downs (like anybody). I have had some wonderful experiences though.  Instead of showing a bunch of my outfit posts I thought I would share my personal favourite posts.  Some have been quite popular and some have not had top views, but they mean something to me personally.

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My Merry Christmas Photo Diary

It has finally all quietened down from my hectic Christmas.  My mother has flu so I met my siblings (my mums side) in a pub in Leatherhead on Christmas Eve while drooling over my Canon 6D that I had just picked up before. We spent Christmas morning at home, just myself Luke and Eva opening presents before we made our way over to Horsham.

It was my  sisters 18th birthday also so we went out for a birthday/Christmas meal (my dads side of the family).  We stayed in a hotel in Horsham before rushing back home in the morning to get the house ready for Lukes family and friends on Boxing day which turned into a two day affair….shattered.

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Family Vintage photo’s

When I started Memoir Mode I posted up some family photos of the 1940s.  The blog had only been alive for a couple of weeks so only a handful of people have seen them.  My grandmothers family had an American magazine follow them around to see how a ‘British Family’ were living postwar. So I am really lucky to have professional… Read more →

What Kylie Did

I am back from a blogging break and have lots to post.  I think sometimes you need some time away from something, especially when you are feeling run down and un-inspired, it happens to us all at some point. I did do a teeny bit of an update to my blog.  I felt it looked rather cluttered, so I have got… Read more →

Snow Princess

I am sure you have all had enough of looking at snow photo’s, but here are mine for good measure This isn’t just my snow photo’s but my first outing with my new camera. I had the Canon 1000d for a few years and before that I had film SLR (that was stolen in Tenerife). I actually have a film… Read more →

Lapland UK 2011

For a more update review check out my lapland UK 2014 write-up At the end of last week Luke surprised us with the news we was visiting Lapland UK, apparently the closest to the real thing in the UK. We stuffed bears in the elf factory, iced gingerbread in Mrs christmas’s kitchen, went ice-skating (well I didn’t, I watched from the side) and… Read more →

Guy Fawkes Night

Last night we made a last minute decision to go to one of our local fireworks displays for bonfire night.  It was the first time Eva had watched fireworks and we have been hearing all about it today.  Even though it still isn’t that cold for this time of year, I finally got to wear the lovely cape c/o Jarlo, underneath… Read more →

♕ Princess Day ♕

Wednesday was a very special day, it was my little princesses 2nd Birthday. It feels so strange that I am a mother of a 2 year old, but it also feels bizarre that there actually was life before her. Its like she has always been here, if that makes any sense. Read more →

Indian Summer

Apologies for the lack of posts the last week, I feel like I have been nursing a hangover for most of it. Went out drinking twice (still no smokey) and just can’t handle it. I think its because I hardly drink anymore. One of the nights included a clothing website launch, so I will post the photos of that tomorrow… Read more →

Sanderson Mad Hatters Tea Party

Yesterday I went to my friends hen day. she wanted to do something a little bit different, rather than the usual ‘go out and get as drunk as you possibly can’ hen party.  so we went off to the Sanderson hotel for afternoon tea. The Sanderson is contemporary 5 star hotel, the décor is modern and the reception area has… Read more →