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Hotel Stays | Menzies Woburn Flitwick Manor

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I am now going to be extending my blog into other areas of interest, not just fashion. Although fashion is my biggest hobby so I suspect it will still be the vast majority of posts. I want to include more leisure, lifestyle, beauty and photography types of content. First up a hotel stay in one of the Menzies 15 hotels – the Flickwick Manor Woburn near Milton Keynes.Read more

In the valleys – trip to Cardiff

I have been a very, very bad blogger. Someone give me a virtual spanking! I have missed it like crazy though. Eva has been keeping me busy like I said in the previous post during the summer holidays. Sticking her in front of the TV doesn’t work anymore like it used to. She wants to be entertained and sitting in front of my laptop trying to get stuff done just does not happen. How people have more than one, I will never know!

Last Thursday I went to Wales to support my blogger pal Dawn on her Boutique opening. I will be posting about that tomorrow. Also I have never been to Wales in my life before (or Ireland or Scotland) so I took this as an opportunity to cross the bridge.

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3 Girls and a Dog

I love nature and being outdoors – although nature doesn’t love me with my atrocious hay fever this year.  I decided to look on the interweb for pretty nature spots in Surrey. I don’t know how I came across it, but about 40 minutes from where I live there is this pond with a sandy bank in Frensham Common.

I called up my little sister Lottie and asked if she would like to come over with her Basset Hound Barney for a little afternoon out. I let Eva’s nursery know she wasn’t coming in and off we went. Please note this is not a style post…I look like the dogs dinner

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Postcards From Fuerteventura

I have been putting off posting these. I could barely bring myself to look at them while sitting here shivering and chattering my teeth! Remind me again why I live in this country?! I posted the Bohemian Style outfit post earlier this week, so you may know that I recently returned home from a weeks holiday in Fuerteventura. It might look like I only wore the below Jarlo dress the whole holiday, but its because most of the photos I took were on the same day.

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